Man No Sober

Don't sober up to what they tell you, be intoxicated by your life's pursuits.

Roots Rock Band - Santa Fe, NM.

Man No Sober is an American Roots Rock band based in Santa Fe, NM.

Front-man Eric George started playing music in the early 80's with his family’s band. Since then he's held residency at Buddy Guys Legends in Chicago, was the feature act for numerous touring artists and did a short stent with rocker Buddy Miles.  He's also toured nationally and internationally with various Nashville artists. Eric is a veteran of the US Navy and in January 2005, took part in a USO music tour for soldiers serving in Iraq.


With Jen May on drums, this husband/wife duo has been rehearsing and performing consistently for the last few years.  They are currently in the studio for a 2016 release and rehearsing for a CD release tour. 


Eric's clear, rich, impassioned voice calls out for kindness, understanding and empowerment for all of mankind.  His music is soulful, heartfelt and rocks one to the very core.


So where does the name Man No Sober come from?


“I think you should be drunk on whatever your passion in life is.  As artists, we often get told not to pursue creative endeavors because that's not a 'real career'.  I think that talk hinders creative expression and plants seeds of doubt.  Don't sober up to what they tell ya, be intoxicated by your life’s pursuit.  The happiest people seem to be the ones who do what they love.  I've learned there's gonna be plenty of ups and downs, so don't give up. Chase your passions and don't let anyone tell you not to keep going, even yourself.” - EG


2015 - Musical guest on Pirate Life Radio with Tait Fletcher.

2014 - “Gravitas” - Best Rock Album - New Mexico Music Awards.

2014 - Musical guest on The Indie Scene Show with Tony Gambino.

2013 - “Man No Sober” - Honorable Mention - Hutton Broadcasting Album of the Year.

2012 - Musical guest on The After After Party w/ Steven Michael Quezada.



"Steadily making a name." - SF Reporter

"The music is soulful, heartfelt and rocks one to the very core." - THE Magazine.

"Rock band for the thinkin' man...ala Band of Gypsy's." - Trend Magazine